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Investor Onboarding

RealtyShares is an online real estate investment platform where accredited investors and high net worth individuals can invest in a variety of real estate offerings. When an investor first signs up, they are put in a "cooling-off period", which is a 30-day waiting period recommended by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to help avoid a situation where an investor makes a quick decision that he/she doesn’t fully understand. This means that investors cannot view open investment offerings during that 30-day period unless they schedule a phone call with one of our registered investment representatives, which would allow them to invest sooner.

The investor onboarding experience is meant to guide investors through their first-time experience with the platform by prompting them to complete an investor preferences questionnaire and schedule a phone call with a registered investment representative. By doing so, they can get out of the cooling-off period sooner so that they can browse offerings and make an investment.





September 2017




UX/UI Design
User Testing


Project Goals

The main goal of this project was to get first-time investors to complete their investor preferences and schedule a call so that we could get them out of the cooling-off period faster. We also wanted to create a "white-glove" service by personalizing the investor experience early in the customer journey with RealtyShares.

Design Objectives

  • Design a first-time user experience that prompts user to complete investor preferences questionnaire
  • Create incentive for users to schedule a call with a registered representative
  • Clarify what users can expect next in the process

The Solution

Investor Preferences Flow

The first time an investor signs in, they are prompted to complete a short questionnaire so we can customize their RealtyShares experience. The answers are logged in Salesforce so that our registered investment representatives can tailor any subsequent messaging to each investor.

FTUX welcome.png
FTUX 1 Copy.png

Next Steps

The onboarding steps indicate what the user needs to do next in order to "unlock" offerings and make an investment. The locked investment cards are meant to create a sense of urgency/FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) so that investors have incentive to complete onboarding faster. We also show recently exited deals to give investors an idea of the various investment properties and returns offered by RealtyShares.

FTUX onboarding steps.png